Stephen King thinks Waist Deep is one of the top ten movies of 2006. I say this not to mock the guy or knock his opinions ... but maybe the King of literary horror should get out and see more than 40-some movies a year. Especially if he's going to put together a year-end Top 10 for Entertainment Weekly.

Self-proclaimed as "just another schlub in the popcorn line," Mr. King also expresses much love for Snakes on a Plane (#7), The Descent (#5), and The Departed (#3), but I was quickly reminded of why I admire Stephen King so much when his #1 flick of the year was ... Pan's Labyrinth! Good pick, Steve! Plus let's give it up to the guy for remembering to single out a few lesser-known titles -- even if The World's Fastest Indian (#10) wouldn't make my top ten of February, 2006, let alone the whole year. And I'll just assume that King hasn't seen Children of Men yet, because I suspect it'd be right up his alley.

Still though ... Waist Deep??