Say what you want about Tom Arnold and all his personal nonsense, but the guy always finds a way to entertain me -- be it on screen or off. He's a jumpy actor -- kind of like Jimmy Fallon, who I mentioned earlier, but not as annoying -- and I've enjoyed him in a number of things, including True Lies and Happy Endings. Recently, Arnold has decided to go the indie route and take (what I assume is) less money for juicier roles. Stuff that's more dramatic and doesn't have him playing someone's wacky best friend. And how is that going for him?

Well, in 2006 he had one role as the voice of a character in something called Lolo's Cafe. In 2007, however, the guy has a whopping eight films lined up. Eight films! Did someone find a better agent, or what? Should we start calling 2007 "The Year of the Other Tom?" Heh, I like the way that sounds. Among the eight films we have the comedic thriller Remarkable Power, in which Arnold has just signed on to play a role. This is a bit confusing as IMDB already has the film in post-production -- did they add his role and begin re-shoots? Or was this a story that should have been written about six months ago, except The Hollywood Reporter just never got around to it? Regardless, pic revolves around a late-night talk show host who attempts to pull off some elaborate stunt in an effort to save his canceled show. When said stunt turns into murder, we see how it affects an eclectic group of Los Angeles locals whose lives intertwine as a result of the whole mess. Arnold will play some sort of private detective, and will star alongside folks like Kevin Nealon (remember him?), Evan Peters and Nora Zehetner.

How do you feel about Tom Arnold and the eight films he has coming out next year? Does he still have time to turn things around and get serious? Would you be able to watch him in a dramatic role and not chuckle once or twice?

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