Not content with its growing reputation as a genre distributor with films like Saw, The Descent and Hostel, Lionsgate has decided to stretch a little and include some other kinds of movies in its roster besides horror -- perhaps with less blood, gore and a smaller body count too. With the upcoming 3:10 to Yuma, they were off to a good start -- not necessarily in the blood, gore or body count department, but at least its not a horror film. And now, according to an article over at IGN, they've added another film to help them expand their slate and re-define their image -- the Russell Crowe thriller Tenderness.

The film (which our own Martha Fischer reported on way back in April), based on the novel by Robert Comier and adapted by Emil Stern, tells the story of a cop (Crowe) who attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding a teenage serial killer who murdered his family and the young female runaway he's taken under his wing. Teenage serial killer? Ok, so its not a completely different genre, but still -- I bet nobody gets locked in a room, explosives strapped to their head and tormented by a sadistic killer who has a penchant for dolls.

Lionsgate took North American, U.K., Australian and South African rights to the film, which was directed by John Paulson and also features Jon Foster, Sophie Traub and Laura Dern. About the film, Lionsgate Execs. Tom Ortenberg and Peter Block gushed: "Tenderness delivers an unbeatable combination of story, filmmakers and actors. Polson, Crowe, Foster, Traub and Dern have given it their all -- which means that audiences can count on an incredibly gripping experience." Sure, its hardly unusual for execs to say those kinds of things about films they just paid good money for, so I'll take their enthusiasm with a grain of salt. Still, I can't think of a Russell Crowe movie I didn't like ... so that definitely helps. Who knows, maybe its as good as they say it is? I guess we'll see when the film gets released next year.
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