Well, after images hit the net recently, we got a nice little surprise today in the form of a teaser trailer for Ocean's Thirteen. I can't help but anticipate this film big time ... even though Ocean's Twelve was a huge confusing piece of mangled disappointment. This time around, Al Pacino is the bad guy and the teaser opens up on a conversation he and George Clooney are having. God, I love Pacino and the way he delivers his lines -- so subtle, yet they pack such a punch.

This time around, the gang is back in Las Vegas (where they belong) and it appears Andy Garcia has (reluctantly?) joined their wise-cracking, illegal army. We're not sure exactly what the plot is, but we do know that Matt Damon gets wrapped up in some sort of romantic tango with Ellen Barkin and, towards the end, the boys will probably stage their biggest heist yet. Oh, and Danny Ocean is out for revenge -- why, we have no idea. (Maybe because Julia Roberts decided to have nothing to do with this last installment?) Check out the teaser, then come back and let us know what you think. I certainly dig it. Pic cruises into theaters on June 8.