Here's a list of things I never again need to see in a movie:
  • A wizened old mentor teaching a young pupil to let something "flow" through him.
  • A scene in which someone rides the back of a dragon while whooping and cheering.
  • A young hero rushing off to save his friends despite being warned that such actions spell d-o-o-m.
  • An explanation from a henchman to a villain detailing why he came back empty-handed.

...basically, all 90-some minutes of Eragon represent a list of things I need never see again in a movie. Why? Because I've already seen them 1,332 times and there's very little chance that such redundant and tiresome cliches will ever be sufficiently polished to make them feel fresh again. Again, Eragon is 99 minutes of this paint-by-numbers, oft-regurgitated genre blather.