I have to admit, my appreciation of Richard Dreyfuss is mainly tied into two movies, Close Encounters of The Third Kind and Jaws. Other than that, it's the so-so movies like Down and Out In Beverly Hills, the corny feel-good pictures like Mr. Holland's Opus, and the downright awful like Krippendorf's Tribe that come to mind. Back in 2004, Dreyfuss announced that he was quitting films to concentrate on a theater career. It turns out that the theater wasn't the place for him either after he quit (or was fired depending on who you believe) the London production of The Producers. Since his so-called retirement, Dreyfuss has popped up in Silver City and Poseidon (2006).

So, in-between studying civics and democracy at the University Of Oxford in England, Dreyfuss has decided to give the movies yet another chance. Variety announced that Dreyfuss would star in the Hungarian production Flower of the Fence. The film will be the story of Herman Rosenblat; a man who meets a woman through the fences of a concentration camp and eventually falls in love -- also starring is Maia Morgenstern and Thomas Sangster. The film is set to go into production in 2007, and is being financed through a joint effort between the Hungarian government and private investors from Hollywood. This is hardly the big budget flick that Dreyfuss used to rail against, so maybe he has managed to find a film that is more his cup of tea.
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