In the interest of equal time, I also wanted to bring to your attention another list from the folks over at iFilm. As I already told you before, they picked their worst trailers of the year and posted them for your viewing dis-pleasure. Now, they've also listed their picks for the best trailers of the year -- again according to iFilms' users and editors.

It's pretty amazing the differences between the two lists. On the best list you can really tell from the trailers that the movies are going to be good -- or at least better than most. Sure, trailer cutting is an art form all its own and I know several people who make a very good living just putting trailers together. But still, its as if the guys who were cutting the trailers on the worst list knew the movies they were working with sucked. Really, how could they not know? They did watch the footage while doing their jobs. Maybe the lack of quality had a negative effect on their work? Who knows.

Anyway, some of the movies that made the best list include potential Oscar winner The Departed, the exceptional documentary An Inconvenient Truth, the kick-ass Casino Royale and the highly anticipated 300. One thing I can tell you for sure about 300, watching the trailer at the iFilm site or most anywhere online doesn't really do the film justice. Seeing it in HD after downloading it from XBox Live really shows how fantastic the look of the film is going to be. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I can't wait for that one to hit theaters. Stay tuned for Cinematical's Best Trailers of 2006 post coming up later this month.
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