It's here, it's finally here! Terminator 4! Oh wait, I meant Transformers! That's right, the long-awaited trailer for Michael Bay's Transformers has finally hit the net ... and it looks pretty good. There's no gut-wrenching music, mind you, Bay wants you to watch this thing in silence (save for the explosions and other random dialogue) in order to fully immerse yourself in the intensity of the situation ... or something like that.

What are we getting here? Well, we're getting the typical government roundtable discussion where this country's top leaders finally realize they're under attack by giant robots from outer space. We get a bunch of the characters' "Holy crap, what the hell is happening!?' facial expressions as the robots land in front of them. We get a little taste of the robots themselves (hardcore fans might be able to tell who is who -- the only one I knew was Optimus Prime, in which we only catch a two-second glimpse of from behind. Drats.) Of course, we get the little kid minding her own business in an empty backyard when ... yeah, exactly.

Based on what Bay decided to show us, I think the film has potential. I'm certainly impressed with the direction he decided to go regarding the robots, and that will definitely add an old school edge (one that fans will enjoy) to the pic. Yeah, I think I dig it. What do you think?

Note: Keep in mind this is only the UK trailer. We'll provide a link to the US trailer (hint: they're probably exactly the same) once it's up on Yahoo!