If you read this site very often (and my stuff in particular) you know I don't like going out to the movie multiplex as much as I used to. When I do venture out, I'm usually at some sort of screening and so I'm not exposed to one of the things I actually miss about going to the movie multiplex -- trailers.

A good trailer can make you excited to see a film just like a bad one can make you wonder how something like that ever got made in the first place. Maybe somebody lost a bet or something? Sadly, we'll probably never know. Good or bad, interesting or ridiculous, trailers are still one of the most effective ways to market a film and build awareness of it out there with the public.

Without trailers, the public would have to rely on word of mouth or the press to help them decide which movies to see. Believe me, no studio wants that -- so instead, we get trailers. Over at iFilm they've listed their top-ten worst trailers of the year -- at least according to iFilm users. Some of the cinematic gems represented by this list include Employee of the Month, Zoom and the superbly bad Codename: The Cleaner. Hey, how did that movie get made? Did someone lose a bet or something? Enjoy.

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