Director Alexander Payne might only have three films under his belt, but you have to admit, Election, About Schmidt and Sideways were pretty impressive films. Payne was considered to be a great director that was going to revolutionize Hollywood comedies. The only problem was Payne hasn't exactly thrown himself into his work. His films have been few and far between, so we might have to settle for Payne producing a new film starring Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood titled King of California.

There hasn't been any sign of this movie yet in North America, but an international trailer has been released. King of California follows an estranged father and daughter who bond during a road trip in a misguided search for treasure. Douglas portrays a man who has just been released from a mental institution that comes to live with his grown daughter and gets her to agree to come with him on a search for Spanish gold hidden somewhere in California. The film looks to be in line with Payne's quirky sense of humor and Douglas looks like he might be gunning for the Oscar that eluded him for Wonder Boys. King of California was written and directed by Mike Cahill and Nu Image Films is planning on a 2007 release.

[via Ain't It Cool News]