I know what you're thinking: "Um, who cares who'll be playing Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's new Halloween remake ... because the guy wears a freakin' MASK throughout nine straight movies! They could cast Ian McKellen in the role and we wouldn't even know!" And that's a pretty good point, dear reader, although I'd love to see Sir Ian McKellen slashing his way through a bunch of promiscuous babysitters.

No, the Michael Myers we're referring to is the 10-year-old version, aka the one who pokes his big sister full of holes before being carted off to the loony bin for 15 years. Yeah, the kid. They found an actor for that role and, according to Bloody-Disgusting.com, his name is Daeg Faerch, an undeniably creepy-looking kid who has appeared in a whole bunch of short films and low-budget horror indies.

And just to put this "big news" in perspective, I'll give you the name of the kid who played Young Michael Myers in John Carpenter's original Halloween: It's Will Sandin. In related news, I still think this project is one rotten idea. But I'm wrong all the time.
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