Hey, remember when Fred Durst was frontman for Limp Bizkit and, like, really popular? Don't you remember? No, before the porn, er, failed comeback attempts. No, that's Kirsten Dunst -- but nice try though. I'm talking about that rowdy "It's just one of those days!" dude, who always wore a red Yankees hat backwards, and did things like yell and ... what else did he do, exactly?

Well, chalk one up for Durst's agent, because the man has just landed an acting role alongside Chris Klein and Jake Busey (guess who he's related to?) in Play Dead, to be directed by Jason Wiles. Now, before you begin to wonder what on earth Chris Klein is doing in a movie with Jake Busey and Fred Durst, let me tell you what this sucker is about. Remember Last Action Hero? Yeah, well change the bad guys to meth dealers and, instead of Arnold, stick Klein into the lead role. The American Pie star will play a former TV action hero who's career has gone into the toilet. While traveling back from an audition, he becomes stranded in a remote Nevada town where a bunch of seedy drug dealers (Busey, Durst, etc ...) do bad things to people they don't know. Now, it's up to Klein to become a real action hero and save the day.

Pic was written by Wiles and Shem Bitterman; currently there's no production schedule set for this bad boy. Is anyone out there still a fan of Fred Durst? Does knowing he's involved in the film really make you want to see it? They're labeling this one as a dark comedy, so when it arrives on Netflix (I can't see this getting a theatrical anything), we'll be sure to let you know.

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