Two separate documentaries to be shown on French television display some controversial concerns for world travelers. They appear to be unrelated, each set to appear on different stations, but they share the common interest of safety and security as related to 9/11.

The first film, airing this Friday, is about airport security at French airports. A reporter named Laurent Richard tested the security by seeing just how easy it would be to get different weapons onto a plane. It turned out to be very easy. With hidden cameras, he shows himself sneaking on box-cutters and de-activated explosives, plus he presents footage of himself driving a truck into secure, restricted areas. It is imaginable that beginning this weekend, wait times will be longer and security measures will be stronger all over France.

The second documentary, which doesn't yet have an air date, reports that French soldiers could have killed Osama Bin Laden, but were not ordered to do so by the U.S. military. Bin Laden: Failings of a Manhunt presents the testimony of four anonymous soldiers who were part of a special forces unit commanded by the U.S. in Afghanistan. They all claim that they had Bin Laden in their rifle scopes in 2003 and 2004 but were never permitted or ordered to fire. The French defense ministry, however, denies there is any truth to the story.

Both films reek of American fear-monger journalism, and if it weren't for the weak performance of Death of a President here, I'd be surprised if American distributors or television stations didn't pick up rights to show either of them in the U.S. Surely there are some viewers over here that would love to see them.