One works really fast, the other works pretty slow. One loves eye candy, spectacle and special effects; the other deals in dialogue, movie references and grit. And yet they're the best of pals, frequent collaborators and two of the most admired "fanboy" filmmakers under the sun. "They" are Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, of course, and together they're putting the finishing touches on Grindhouse, a two-part genre cocktail that hearkens back to the stickyfloor days of 1970s exploitation cinema.

And I think the flick looks pretty damn wild. Call it action; call it horror; call it low-rent mega-cheese -- just don't forget to call me when April 6 rolls around, because Grindhouse is absolutely on my Top Ten Gimme Gimme List for 2007.

We read (andspread) thenews, scannedcastingreports, eyeballed teasers and all that jazz, but today comes a brand-new and semi-traditional theatrical trailer for Grindhouse -- and if the movie can pull off what the early buzz/footage is promising, this thing looks to be a certifiable hoot of epic proportions.

Just as a recap: Grindhouse is a 2-part movie, and to say both flicks look pretty freakin' wild would be a massive understatement. (Reminder: Brand-new trailer!) Plus it seems that, as a whole, Grindhouse will run about three hours, or at least that's the implication I'm yanking from the phrase "two feature-length films back to back!" Plus we've been hearing a lot about some "in-between" stuff that should tickle B-movie maniacs all over the world.

Putting aside all that hardcore movie geekery, this project boasts one helluva cast: No less than Kurt Russell, Rosario Dawson, Michael Biehn, Rose McGowan, Jeff Fahey, Naveen Andrews, Michael Parks, Nicky Katt, Freddy Rodriguez, Marley Shelton, Danny Trejo, Tom Savini, Eli Roth and Q.T. himself will skid across the screen as Grindhouse unspools. Ugh, someone wake me when April 6 rolls around!