It is extremely gratifying that one of Hollywood's quality comedy directors can still get impressed by things like sitting next to Eric Idle at a screening of Borat. Judd Apatow tells this story and also sums up the comedic scene from 2006 in a column at MTV. Apatow, who has directed and produced episodes of Freaks and Geeks, as well as last year's hit 40 Year Old Virgin, writes that he had met with Sacha Baron Cohen about doing a feature film version featuring his Borat character from Da Ali G. Show. He candidly admits that if he had been hired to make that film, it wouldn't have been anything like the Borat that hit screens this year, and that we would have been robbed of a classic.

He also hilariously includes Babel amongst the top comedies of 2006, and also talks about the darker side of living in Los Angeles. Although I'm hoping that he doesn't move back to North Carolina, because he'll be really missed in Hollywood. He's been behind films like Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and the upcoming Knocked Up. He tends to use the same cast members in his projects, so we'll have seen Seth Rogen go from supporting actor in Freaks and Geeks to a tiny role in Anchorman, to a hilarious supporting role in 40 Year Old Virgin, and he'll be the leading man in Knocked Up. All thanks to Apatow.

So please Judd, hear our cry, and stay in Los Angeles. We need the quality movies to keep on coming.
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