Madonna has made a name for herself doing whatever has popped into her mind. She's the most successful recording artist of all time, which comes from helping to make the eighties a little more risque with her virgin talk, the nineties became a little more Vogue, and the new millenium brought complaints about war. When not coming up with the next commercial pop tune, she's had both questionable and respectable starring roles in film, married some leadingnames in Hollywood, and made waves from her adoption antics. Perhaps being married to Guy Ritchie inspired her to make her next life move.

According to, Madonna is now set to direct a new film. Blade to the Heat, which is in development, plans to be loosely-based on a boxing bout in 1959 between Emile Griffith and Benny "Kid" Paret. As the story goes, Paret, a Cuban boxer, was a boxing champion who was set to fight Griffith after a particularly hard bout with another boxer. After alleged slurs to Griffith about his sexuality, they went into the ring, where Paret received a barrage of punches that sent him into a coma and resulted in his death 10 days later.

Considering Madonna's past themes, I can only assume that her interest in the story stems from the slurs about Griffith's sexuality. However, if the film will only be "loosely-based" on the boxing scandal, maybe she'll just take the idea, direct herself into it, and make a dramatic story about women boxers, a la A League of Their Own. Or, maybe not. How would you envision Madonna's treatment of this boxing story?

[via Cinema Blend]

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