Today is Samuel L. Jackson's birthday; I was surprised to see that he's 57 already. Sure, when I caught a sneak peek of the upcoming movie Black Snake Moan, he didn't exactly look like a youngster, but somehow I got stuck remembering him as being in his 40s. (In other words, young enough for me to date, although he and I both are married to others and have never met.) I looked around for a photo of Jackson in his younger days, perhaps from one of the 1970s TV movies in which he had a small role, or Ragtime, where he played a gang member, or his role as young Eddie's uncle in Eddie Murphy Raw. A still from Exorcist III, Goodfellas, or even Jurassic Park would have been fine.

Instead, I found this photo of Jackson in a kilt, from the 2001 movie Formula 51 (aka The 51st State), which I have not seen. Apparently he plays a chemist who travels to the UK to score big by selling a new drug he's invented, but ends up entangled in a standard British gangster film plot. Emily Mortimer and Meat Loaf also star in the film, the latter as a crimelord called The Lizard. I'm not feeling much loss at having missed the film. The summaries I've read of the movie give no indication of why Jackson's character might wear a kilt -- was it critical to the plot, or did someone just think it would be cool to put Jackson's badass persona in something resembling a skirt? If you've seen Formula 51, please fill us in. Jackson in a kilt is something I never thought I'd see; I'm finding it difficult to pull my eyes away from the photo.
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