In an interesting casting turn, the passenger manifest for the Trans-Siberian will get a little less Morton and a little more Mortimer. Transsiberian, which was set to star Oscar-nominated actress Samantha Morton, has been recast due to Morton's injuries from a collapsed ceiling. Her replacement is Emily Mortimer, who you probably remember for her role in Lovely & Amazing, or more recently as the mis-treated wife in Match Point. The change should definitely bring a different feel to the film, but it might go unnoticed due to the strange pairings within the piece.

Mortimer, best-known to mainstream audiences as the struggling actress from Scream 3, will be the love interest of Woody Harrelson. And you thought Jack Black and Kate Winslet were an odd match! The two will play an American couple traveling on the Trans-Siberian train from China to Moscow. While on the train, they meet a younger couple, Abby and Carlos, who are played by Kate Mara and Eduardo Noriega. In a Christie-like twist, the couples' travels turn from an easy and relaxing trip into a deceptive and murderous chase. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ben Kingsley tops off the cast as a Russian police officer who is "hot on the trail of the couples." I'm not sure how the pairs come together, commit crimes, and become wanted.

The film was written, and will be directed by Brad Anderson -- the man who directed Christian Bale's haunting role in The Machinist. Considering the strange feel of that film, this could be the man to pull off the story and interesting casting. Or, at the very least, it could be an amusing diversion.

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