It's not my fault that when I see the phrase "romantic comedy," my eyes get all glassy and my brain starts thinking about pizza. I happen to be a huge fan of some really great "rom-coms," you know. There's When Harry Met Sally... and Say Anything... and, OK, basically any movie title that ends with an ellipses is a brilliant romantic comedy.

Oh, Serendipity! That one I liked. Of the dozens and dozens of pre-packaged chick-flick rom-coms I've seen, I kinda liked Serendipity. Oh, and Wimbledon. Kinda. Is that weird? I think I also liked that one with Hugh Jackman and the time travel. Oh wait, no, I didn't.

So when I stopped by trailer central to see what new goodies were on display, I offered an involuntary eyeball-roll for Music and Lyrics, which stars Hugh Grant as a has-been pop-star and Drew Barrymore as his late-career muse. And, god help me, I actually liked this trailer. Wait a sec, hold on; I gotta go watch the Transformers trailer one more time. Just to boost my testosterone levels.

I was actually feeling pretty positive about Music and Lyrics -- until I realized it was written and directed by Marc Lawrence, the man who gave you Life with Mikey, The Out-of-Towners, and three of Sandra Bullock'smostrottenmovies. Still, I do think Hugh Grant can be pretty funny (given the proper material) and I'll always have that Gen-x crush on Drew Barrymore (no matter how old the two of us get), so I suppose things could be much worse. The thing could star Debra Messing and Paul Walker.

Music and Lyrics opens on Valentine's Day, so go find a date right now before they all run out.