While all of us wait in anticipation for the first Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer trailer, a somewhat blurry version has just popped up on YouTube. First, I answer the one question you're dying to ask: Yes, you do get a pretty good look at the Silver Surfer. In fact, the entire trailer seems to revolve around one scene in which Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) leaves a wedding, transforms into Torch and tails the Silver Surfer all over the place -- through tunnels, down the street, up into the sky -- until, finally, Surfer loses Torch, turns around and glides off screen.

I'd say about more than half of the thing is blurry and out of focus, but you do manage to sneak in a few good shots of Torch and Surfer. Since this trailer is supposed to be playing before prints of Night at the Museum this weekend, it can't be long before Fox throws one online -- though a lot of people don't feel like that day will be today. Are they waiting until after the holiday weekend, hoping to bring more traffic (and eyes) to the trailer? I do not know, nor do I really care -- I wasn't a big fan of the first Fantastic Four, and I'm not very excited about this next installment either. However, director Tim Story did promise tons of kick-ass stuff after folks were somewhat let down with his first offering.

Keep an eye on this post, and as soon as the crystal clear trailer arrives online, we'll be sure to update and bring it to you. Happy surfing!

UPDATE: Here is the new trailer in pure, watchable form. Enjoy!

[via The Movie Blog]