The parade of stars keeps growing over at "loose remake" headquarters where they're currently working on the Jessica Simpson starrer Blonde Ambition. Joining a cast which already includes Andy Dick, my former neighbor Rachael Leigh Cook and, somewhat inexplicably, Luke Wilson, is Penelope Ann Miller -- according to a recent article in The Hollywood Reporter.

The film, as our own Erik reported previously, features Simpson doing her best Melanie Griffith impression and slugging through an updated (aka "loose remake") version of the 1988 hit Working Girl. Miller will play the Sigourney Weaver role in the film as the conniving boss seeking to impair Simpson's character and her rise to the top of the corporate ladder. Now, I'm going to take off my cynical hat for a moment and try not to bag on this film too much. Even with a story cribbed from another film and a production company like Nu Image, some of the people involved in this project actually have some talent.

Obviously, Luke Wilson has done some solid work, as has Cooke and Penelope Ann Miller. And directer Scott Marshall has made one or two decent comedies in his somewhat short career. So, this movie might just have a chance if it wasn't for one tiny little problem that will almost surely send it straight to video: Jessica Simpson. Sure, she's nice to look at but I'm almost positive that won't be enough this time -- especially when she's supposed to be the lead in the film and has to do some actual acting. Blonde Ambition is currently filming and looks to hit the shelves of your local Blockbuster sometime next Summer.
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