Geek news I found while taking a break from Wii Sports, as the game suggested:
  • Let's start things off on the right foot with a quickie from the 300 team: Soundtrack.Net, a site rarely referenced here in the Geek Bytes, has a nice little piece on the scoring of 300 by Tyler Bates.
  • Have you been by the Transformers: The Movie website lately? I have, sorta by accident. It appears as though they've added quite a bit of stuff.
  • CBR, a website which is frequently linked here in the Bytes, is running with some weird exclusive about Wonder Womancasting. There's really very little to the story so far, except the name Blythe Metz and a crappy MySpace. Stay closely tuned to Cinematical for full coverage of this rumor if any actual news surfaces on this front.
  • Sci Fi Wire says the fantastic Doug Jones is done being the Silver Surfer for now. With any luck, we'll all see him back again for the certain third film in the franchise.
  • Interested in the Fantastic Fourtrailer, but not interested enough to shell out some bucks and watch Night at the Museum? No problem, just swing by the SHH message boards, and read a brief, exciting play by play.
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