Many films are getting a second chance for theatrical success this year. Golden Globes are having a huge effect on box office sales -- especially for arthouse pictures. Films that were originally being overlooked by audiences are now being re-released due to a suddenly sparked interest. I always find it funny -- I fall victim to it too -- that we are so influenced by the kudos given to films by people we don't even know. The opinions of people we may not even respect. But production companies are thanking their lucky stars for these particular individuals' opinions because it is easy marketing for their beloved films.

Many films went under the radar this year once they hit theatres -- The Last King of Scotland to be exact -- had limited box office draw but after a Golden Globe nomination for Forest Whitaker the people are finally curious. Their curiosity is cause for its relaunch by Fox Searchlight hopefully in the next few weeks. For this I am very happy -- I anticipated its original release and when I went to see it, it was already out of the only two theatres it was screening at!

Many films even waited for nominations in order to boost their screening expansion; Little Children did just that. Only one theatre in Los Angeles is screening this critically acclaimed film but now that nominations are rolling in it may receive a wider release; relying on possible Oscar nominations to create even more ticket sales.

So maybe awards are good for I'm not a fan of award shows. I tend to have a big mouth when it comes to nominations and an even bigger one when people finally win the awards. But currently my mouth is shut and content due to the Golden Globes' generosity for inspiring interest in what I think are some of this year's best films.