I distinctly remember sitting through George Miller's wonderfully sweet Babe a few years back and thinking "Wow, someone could totally make an excellent movie out of Charlotte's Web with this technology." And while, like millions of you, I grew up adoring the Hanna-Barbera animated version of E.B. White's classic story, the truth is that, well, the book's a whole lot better than the cartoon. (Watch it again, nostalgia-fans, and you'll see what I mean.)

So when I sat down with this all-new feature-length live-action adaptation of Charlotte's Web, I was equal parts excited and skeptical. (I really loved the book when I was a kid.) I'd heard that the flick was originally offered to Tim Burton, but he chose to do Sweeney Todd instead, and that's just as well -- because the director I was mildly cautious about (Gary Winick, Tadpole and 13 Going on 30) turned out to do a bang-up job on Charlotte's Web. Big handshake to writers Karey Kirkpatrick (Over the Hedge) and Susannah Grant (Ever After) for keeping the spirit of White's book alive while tweaking it just enough for our oh-so-modern kiddies.