You know, with an incidental post title like "Iron Man Online," it is hard even for me to not go for the extra cheesy pun. Despite your own intelligence, you feel the bad joke lurking there, calling out to you. You know it isn't funny, but sometimes you just can't resist. Thankfully, today was a day of good will power for me, and you were spared the cringe. You're welcome ... but I can't promise it'll always be like this.

All that aside, the news of the day for Jon Favreau'sIron Man is essentially just what the headline tells you -- the movie has made an official internet debut. You can see it here, although I should warn you, there really isn't much to it yet, aside from a semi-cool splash screen and an option to sign up for email updates. Nonetheless, it is an actual internet presence suggesting the coming of an Iron Man movie, and waving around vague promises of a brighter future full of cast interviews, downloadable wall paper, and of course, Iron Man buddy icons.
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