Our friends over at indieWIRE have done a very cool thing -- they've given Dennis Lim's year-end critics' poll, which ran at the Village Voice, from 1999-2005, a new home. Lim, of course, was one of the victims of the gutting over at the Voice that happened earlier this year, and we're hoping we'll be seeing more of him around indieWIRE in the future.

As for the poll itself, which checked in with 107 alt-minded print and online critics, The Death of Mr. Lazerescu, which our own Martha Fischer and Ryan Stewart reviewed for Cinematical, tops off the list. Rounding out the top ten were L'Enfant, The Departed, Inland Empire, Army of Shadows, Three Times, Old Joy, United 93, Children of Men and Half Nelson. Helen Mirren (The Queen) and Ryan Gosling (Half Nelson) topped out the Best Performance category, with Mark Wahlberg (The Departed) and Shareeka Epps (Half Nelson) capping off the Best Supporting list. See the full list of nods, and a list of who was polled, over at indieWIRE.
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