Kimmy V. and I saw Jonathan King'sBlack Sheep at a rather raucous and enthusiastic midnight screening during last September's Toronto Film Festival, and we were both pretty sure that the comedy/horror confection would be purchased by the end of the week. Well, it took a little longer than that, but IFC and Los Weinsteins both enjoyed the flick enough to invest some cash in it.

Now comes an all-new trailer for Black Sheep, and trust me on this: If the trailer does nothing for you, then you probably won't like the movie. If, on the other hand, the trailer had you chuckling a little, odds are you'll have a good time with King's "sheep gone psycho" exploits. The New Zealand import opens in its native land on March 22, and I've no idea when IFC plans to release it in North America, but since the Weinsteins have DVD rights for Black Sheep, expect some sort of theatrical release this year. (Probably fairly limited.)

Ah, and in case you forgot: Black Sheep is about a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong, a massive flock of rabidly infected quadripeds, and some well-intentioned (but stupid) hippie-types who end up as sheep zombie mega-monsters. It's all very insane, trust me.
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