After watching the trailer for Peter Berg's new film The Kingdom on Yahoo! Movies, I realized that I was probably a little more indifferent to the whole thing than the filmmakers would of liked. In a nutshell my response was "meh" -- although I tend to avoid Jennifer Garner films like the plague so you might want to take that into consideration.

The film stars Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Garner (who spends most of the trailer doing her trademarked half-pout, half-squint perfected on ALIAS) and the unlikely dramatic presence of Jason Bateman. The plot revolves around the murder of an FBI agent in a Western compound in Saudi Arabia. The trailer seems to really want to stress that the car bombing used in the FBI agent's death is the work of a serial killer and not a terrorist act. That seems like the best idea, especially since the film appears to be a pretty simplistic combination of vague political commentary and some explosions thrown in for entertainment -- so probably not the best forum for a discussion on international terrorism.

The production had a tragic delay back in August, but with the launching of the website and a trailer, the film seems to be back on track. No release date is set, as the trailer only provides the always-unhelpful "Coming Soon".