Well, the day has finally arrived and we here at Cinematical would like to wish you and yours a happy, healthy, film-inspired Merry Christmas. Should you be looking for something to read while the (turkey? ham? some other random meat?) is cooking in the oven, here's a recap of all the wonderful lists we've thrown together in honor of the holiday season. Enjoy! (Oh, and try not to eat too much.)

Cinematical's 12 Days of Cinematicalmas:

DVDs Your Kids Want, Even if They Don't Know It -- Says Kim: "Sure, there are a few gems here and there, but this Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa/winter holiday of your choice, why not reach back a little into the past for some truly great children's films that your kids may not even know enough about to put on their wish list?"

The World's Most Obnoxious Xmas Comedies-- Says Scott: "So anyway, the Deck the Halls trailer reminded me -- hey, there's been a whole BUNCH of really rotten Christmas comedies over the past few decades! At least seven, anyway! Which brings us to the list; all naughty, no nice."

Documentary Box Sets to Add to Your Christmas List -- Says Christopher: "When it comes to movies, single-title DVDs just aren't going to cut it. Criterion editions are almost there, but not quite. No, for your present demands, you need something bigger, like a box set."

Essential Home Theater Gifts for the Film Buff -- Says Chris: "If you watch movies at home and want to maximize the "cinematic experience" of those movies, following are some essential tools that will help you get there."

Seven Things You Didn't Know About It's A Wonderful Life -- Says James: "Here are seven things you may not know about the Frank Capra / Jimmy Stewart classic, from where it began to its reverberations in the here and now."

Movies to Wrap Presents By -- Says Jette: "I'm very fond of putting on a movie in the background while I'm wrapping presents. The idea is that the movie should be something I've seen before, so I am not tempted to put down the scissors and ribbons and watch closely."

Non-Christmas Movies Set During the Holiday Season -- Says Jeffrey: "Sometimes a movie simply set during the holiday season can weave Christmas into its storyline without making an overt holiday statement, and these can evoke a warmth and nostalgia -- or sometimes the opposite -- of their own."