This weekend's WTF rumor was brought to you by a scooper from AICN ... which means there's about as much truth to it than there is in the sentence, "Erik Davis is the sexiest man on the planet."

Now that the WachowskiBrothers are gearing up for their big-screen version of Speed Racer, you knew it was only a matter of time before folks began to wonder who would be in the lead role. Since Vince Vaughn originally pitched the project, rumors have cropped up that suggested he was in line to play Racer X. However, nothing official has been released thus far. Oh, but AICN might have a leak ... and you're never gonna believe who they say Warner Bros. has brought on to star. That's right, Neo himself -- Keanu Reeves.

According to the scooper, they work for Time Warner in the UK and somehow came across a production roster and marketing slate for 2008 releases. On said roster there was a film called Shaolin Cowboy, which was apparently the name of the Wachowski's first comic book. Through some covert investigating, they determined this was a super secret name for Speed Racer, and in the slate doc -- underneath the title for the film -- the name Keanu Reeves was written in all capital letters. KEANU REEVES, people!

Hopefully this news did not ruin your Christmas weekend -- keep in mind, it's only a rumor. But for how long ...

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