Out of the 77 film critics polled at Rotten Tomatoes, only 20 of 'em would give a Thumbs Up to Christophe Gans and Roger Avary's video game adaptation Silent Hill. I proudly count myself among that 26% minority. No, I don't think it's any sort of "hidden classic" or anything like that, and the flick's more notable missteps tread dangerously close to Guilty Pleasure territory, but for the most part I quite enjoyed the flick's tone, mood and ultra-icky visual sensibility. I think it's probably the best "video game movie" yet, but I also enjoyed the first Resident Evil, so feel free to take these opinions with a geeky grain of salt.

So I told you all that just so I could tell you this: Gans seems pretty damn close to starting in on a Silent Hill sequel. I know, I know; I was as surprised as you are right now -- but the flick did gross just under $100m worldwide, so I guess it's not that big a shock. In a recent interview with DVDRama.com, Gans spilled all sorts of sequel-style beans, but since it's a French website, we rely (once again) on Bloody-Disgusting.com for our gore-soaked news giblets.

Check out the interview for the filmmaker's statements the Silent Hill theatrical release, DVD quality, critical reaction, box office results and sequel plans. Hell, if he sticks closely to the game series, his sequel's already half written!
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