So it seems that Erik isn't the only one who thinks that Cary Elwes is kind of creepy. Elwes, who will probably be forever cursed with people shouting "As You Wish!" at him in the streets, has made career choices that were a far cry from the soft and fuzzy Wesley. It probably started with Kiss the Girls and was cemented by him sawing his own foot off in the original Saw. Upcoming roles for Elwes include a pedophile in Georgia Rule with tabloid staple Lindsay Lohan and an unnamed part in Dean Paras' action film Sakura: Blue Eyed Samurai.

Variety announced that Elwes has signed on for the psychological thriller Psych 9 for International Production Co. (co-producers of Hostel) and Green Card Pictures. The film also stars Michael Biehn, Sara Foster, and Gabriel Mann. Directed by Andrew Shortell, the film revolves around a young woman who takes a night job in the record office of a recently closed psychiatric hospital. Of course, she begins to experience strange events that might be connected to a series of gruesome murders.

Psych 9 is currently wrapping up in Prague, but a release date hasn't been finalized. Until then we'll have to settle for Elwes' work in what appears to be the painfully unfunny Pucked for the National Lampoon franchise; now, that looks like a scary movie.

[via Dark Horizons]
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