There's a new drug on the streets: ozone. It'll mess you up worse than anything else out there. The first person we see shooting up goes into convulsions before his head, quite literally, explodes. From the drug dealers' perspective, this sort of product doesn't seem to make good fiscal sense, since studies show people whose heads explode are 45% less likely to become repeat customers. Noggin detonation, however, seems rare, with most ozone users simply mutating into actors with sub-standard makeup appliances on their faces.

Two police detectives waiting to meet an informant run afoul of Richter, a well-known figure in the local drug trade. A struggle ensues and Detective Eddie Boone is injected with what we will eventually learn is ozone. Boone's partner Mike takes off in pursuit of the snitch, but is overcome by a gang of ozone heads; their faces all distorted and pus-filled (yes, it's just as delightful as it sounds). Boone is suspended for mouthing off to his Captain, but when Mike fails to report back in, Boone goes looking for him. During the search for his partner, Boone begins to realize bad things are happening to him as a result of the injection, with hallucinations occurring without notice. At one point the detective finds himself forced into gladiatorial combat with the winner to be worshiped by the ozone junkies. Boone eventually finds the source of this new drug that is flooding the streets, and learns that its true purpose is even darker than he had imagined.
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