A few days ago we learned that a creepy-looking unknown was hired to play the young version of Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's new Halloween flick, and now comes word that a very well-known actor has been cast to play Dr. Loomis -- the character made famous by the late, great Donald Pleasance.

Although schlock-hounds like myself know Malcolm McDowell from his countless roles in numerous B- and C-level genre flicks, the general movie populace would recognize the veteran actor from his work in A Clockwork Orange -- or maybe Blue Thunder. (My favorite McDowell performance came in Nicholas Meyer's really cool Time After Time, and you simply haven't lived until you've seen McDowell's work in Caligula.)

Not to be confused with Roddy McDowall (because good ol' Roddy passed on a few years back), Malcolm McDowell has spent the last several years providing rascally charm or nefarious sneers to movies like In Good Company, Evilenko, Hidalgo, I Spy, Gangster No. 1, Mr. Magoo and Star Trek: Generations. Plus he's freakin' hilarious on Entourage.

...and as skeptical as I've been regarding this new Halloween, I feel I must offer Rob Zombie some praise here. McDowell's a great choice for this type of character: old-school-respected enough to provide a strong screen presence, but shifty-eyed and funny enough to add some color to the flick.

[Thanks to Bloody-Disgusting.com for the tip.]
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