First we learned who'd be playing the young version of Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's new Halloween rendition and then we got the news on who'll be stepping into the seminal role of Dr. Loomis -- and now we know who's been cast as the main maniac himself. Hulking Canadian actor Tyler Mane will be donning the infamous mask as he steps into the role of, yep, Michael Myers. (In the original Halloween, "the shape" was played by Nick Castle, a young actor who later went on to write, co-write or direct movies like Escape from New York, The Last Starfighter and The Boy Who Could Fly.)

If Tyler Mane's name sounds familiar, then you're probably someone who's seen X-Men (he played Sabretooth), The Scorpion King (Barbarian), Black Mask 2 (Thorn), Troy (Ajax) and The Devil's Rejects (Rufus). According to, Halloween 4 & 5 actress Danielle Harris is also rumored to make an appearance in Zombie's Halloween.

At this point I'd just ask Rob to save his whole cast list and treat us to a simple press release when the process is done with. These one-at-a-time cast member announcements are getting a bit tiresome. But yeah, Tyler Mane. Cool. I guess.
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