I guess I should start by saying I have yet to understand the bizarre trend of taking a film, making it into a musical on stage, and then taking that musical and turning it back into a movie -- I just don't get it. Especially since usually what you end up with is a movie like The Producers that isn't a play and is just barely a movie. Add to the fact that Hairspray with Divine, Ricki Lake, and Deborah Harry is one of my favorite movie musicals, so you can imagine I am awaiting the new musical film version with just a little dread.

ComingSoon.net announced that New Line has launched the official website for the comedy musical. In case you haven't seen the original, the story follows Tracy Turnblatt on her journey to become a lead dancer on the Corky Collins Show while ushering in integration in 1960's Baltimore. There isn't a trailer yet, but the site has some pictures of the leads including John Travolta in drag, Queen Latifah and Michelle Pfeiffer. You can sign up for email updates and there are links to the production blog. To be fair, the one advantage to turning a remake into a musical is at least you guarantee it won't be a carbon copy; I'm just not convinced that it can work.

[via ComingSoon.net]