A few days back the mega-cool Erik Davis posted some news about a bootlegged YouTubed teaser trailer for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and he was right about one thing: The video quality was freakin' horrendous, thereby making the teaser entirely unwatchable. But when I went to see Night at the Museum last weekend I got a real look at the Silver Surfer teaser, and all I can say is .... COOL!

Now, I've made no secret of my opinions where Tim Story'sFantastic Four is concerned: I didn't like it one bit. Lots of old-school comic bookers (and younger movie fans) did not share my disdain for the flick, and they helped the thing to become a pretty solid hit last summer. I was kinda "on the fence" when the sequel news started pouring out -- until I saw this teaser clip. It's basically a rollicking little chase between Johnny Storm and Silver Surfer, but it's pretty dazzling stuff, as far as cinematic eye candy is concerned.

Far as I can tell, the teaser trailer has not* been released to the interwebs just yet, but if you check out this coverage at USA Today, you will get a glimpse of what The Surfer will look like. And since Story & Company have been promising a lot more action this time out, I'll make it official right now: I'm officially pretty psyched for FF2. It opens on June 15, a week after Ocean's 13 and a week before Evan Almighty.

[*UPDATE: The FF2 teaser trailer is now (officially) online. Check it out right here!]
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