The long-awaited Edie Sedgwick biopic Factory Girl, which was reportedly still shooting two weeks ago, is now set for release on December 29 -- in Los Angeles only! Weinstein publicity confirmed to Cinematical last night that the film will indeed bypass a New York run in 2006, confining its Oscar qualifying release to Los Angeles. It will not open in New York City until late January -- this, despite the fact that the famous 'factory' in question was located on East 47th Street, not Wilshire Boulevard. According to a report in the Times, Harvey Weinstein is adamant that Sienna Miller get an Oscar nod for her performance, and is behind the rushed release. When Factory Girl does finally land in theaters, it will put to rest a long and torturous shoot, which began in February and was plagued by re-shoots, budget constraints and a lawsuit threat from Bob Dylan.

Dylan believes -- not unreasonably, perhaps -- that the harmonica-chewing hipster icon character played by Hayden Christensen bears a striking resemblance to him, even possessing his recognizable drawl. Assessments of the 'finished' film will begin rolling in soon enough, if indeed it is finished. For his part, director George Hickenlooper confessed to the Times that he'd like "another three months to edit."