Although it was recently removed from Universal's January slate (and placed in the "TBD" bin), that won't stop the flick White Noise: The Light from hitting UK cinemas on January 5. The semi-sequel stars Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff; random internet buzz asserts that Universal wants to hold the U.S. release until Fillion's Drive debuts on Fox later this year, but the delay could also be a lot simpler: Maybe the movie stinks.

But while all you Fillion fans scratch your head and pout about not being able to see White Noise 2 next month, here's the flick's first official theatrical trailer. (After just watching the clip, I'm more comfortable calling it a "teaser" and not a "trailer.") You can also add a friend's name to the trailer in order for them to get a "creeeepy" message when the clip ends, but I generally don't bother with such silliness.

The original White Noise (which starred Michael Keaton) inspired a sequel by debuting last January and riding a pretty impressive opening to a $57 million domestic haul. Aside from seeing Keaton back on the silver screen (and in a starring role, no less) I didn't think a whole lot of White Noise, and the sequel looks to be the same deal for me: Big fan of the star; not so interested in dead people who speak through radio static.

For the record, White Noise 2 was directed by the man who brought us Dracula 2000 (as well as its twosequels) and was written by Matt Venne, who has an episode of Masters of Horror under his belt.