Despite attempted legal injunctions and less than stellar festival reviews, it looks like nothing is going to stop Alpha Dog from clawing its way to the big screen. Most of the details about the movie are pretty familiar by now: The film was inspired by the story of legendary drug dealer Jesse James Hollywood, who was infamous for being one of the youngest criminals wanted by the FBI. Names and details might have been changed for the film, but the actual defense team for Hollywood claimed the film could prevent their client from getting a fair trial. They even tried to get an injunction against the release of the film.

It would seem that the complaints were in vain, as Universal has just launched the official site for Alpha Dog promising a release on January 12th, 2007. The site offers video clips, production history, pictures of the principal leads -- including plenty of shirtless shots of Justin Timberlake, and the obligatory tie-in with MySpace. So if the idea of an Alpha Dog skin for your MySpace page appeals, then today is your lucky day. Since early previews met with mixed reactions -- with some of the shots directed at Timberlake's acting abilities, I'm just glad that after a year of reading about his movie, at least now we'll get to see what all the fuss has been about.