A movie that will be pretty much the exact same thing as the touring musical is on the way, promising an extremely thin plot that is exactly what the title suggests: Naked Boys Singing! The musical features songs like "The Bliss of a Bris" and "Gratuitous Nudity", and has been touring in cities around the world since 1998. In fact, in New York City, it's the 10th Longest Running Off-Broadway Show ever. (Whose job is it to keep a list of these things? Someone must be doing it, tirelessly.)

The show has also had a fair share of controversy, having been shut down in Georgia, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and branded as "adult entertainment," although most view the shutdowns as attacks on the gay community and not against the play itself. Basically this is The Full Monty, except stripped (pun intended) of a plot, and replete with songs and nakedness. It's not like people wouldn't be informed of that fact, having most likely at least read the title of the musical, or seen what's printed on their tickets.

At any rate, this will probably be a blip on the radar when it comes out, and then move at the speed of Pauly Shore to DVD. But if you've been waiting for a movie all about male nudity and nothing else, then you can soon end your vigil and treat yourself to a trip to the movies. Hopefully you live near an arthouse theater.

[Via WOW Report]
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