This is a low-brow item, but considering the kerfuffle over such stars as Jane Russell,Raquel Welch and Kitten Natividad, we ignore such matters at our peril as movie historians. So ... A short 'n' witty article by Clifford Coonan in Variety titled "China takes `Curse' to its Bosom" claims that Chinese fans of Zhang Yimou's hit Curse of the Golden Flower -- not a sequel to Curse of the Jade Scorpion, despite what you may have heard -- are celebrating the tightness of the costumes.

Throughout this epic, Gong Li is wrapped up in bodices that must have helped her in her portrait of a woman suffocating from royal protocol. And Gong's attendants, a sort of army of chorus girls, are similarly squeezed. The critic from Xinhua, the Chinese news agency, has commented that Gong Li's breasts "are so tightly wrapped that they appear ready to pop out of her costume." On the Internet, wits are making a semi-translatable Mandarin pun about how much "Golden Flower" sounds like "Golden corset." And there's a parody version of the film circulating, in which Zhang plays the proprietor of a breast-enlargement clinic.

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