It's not easy to escape the pitfalls of typecasting when you are part of one of the biggest movie trilogies in history -- if you don't believe me, just ask Mark Hamill. So, it is pretty impressive that Elijah Wood has managed to pick a pretty wide variety of roles post-Rings. From a sadist in Sin City to a talking penguin in Happy Feet, Wood is careful to choose only those parts that are a long way from his turn in the Shire.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wood will next star in The Oxford Murders, the English language debut of Spanish helmer Alex de la Iglesia. The film is a departure from Iglesia's usual style of black comedy, but the director seemed confident in his choice of Wood in the lead when he cryptically stated: "I'm delighted to work with Elijah, who undoubtedly has the most powerful eyes in the industry and who is perfect for the part." As we previously told you, the film follows a young student (Wood) who attends the acclaimed English university, but becomes increasingly involved in an unsolved murder committed on campus. And, in a Da Vinci Code-style of whodunit, the murders appear to be linked by a mathematical code. Also starring is John Hurt as a Sherlock Holmes-style investigator who takes Wood's character under his wing. The Oxford Murders will begin shooting this January on location in England.

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