Ok, you're George Walton Lucas, Jr. You've made arguably some of the best, most influential, most successful and in many cases, most vilified, films of all time. From THX 1188 and American Graffiti to Star Wars and Revenge of the Sith, you've accomplished just about all its possible to accomplish as a filmmaker, technology innovator and movie mogul. Plus, you've also made a crap-load of money along the way.

I don't know how rich George Lucas is but I have to guess his worth must be in the billions -- what with the Star Wars franchise, merchandising, ILM and the rest of the empire. So, what do you do if you're George Lucas, you have more money than many countries and you have one other obsession -- cars -- that drives you as much as movies? You buy one of the most expensive and exotic cars you can find. And that's just what Lucas did recently, according to an article over at Automotoportal.

As of this week, Lucas is the proud owner of the first street-legal production Mosler MT900S. The car, a sleek black-on-black beauty worthy of Darth Vader, set Lucas back a mere $203,000 and is one of only ten that will be made. Said Lucas about his new baby: "I was drawn to its looks, its power, its use of high-tech materials, and, of course, its speed." I hope he enjoys his new toy and I don't begrudge him getting it at all. I just wish he would consider spreading a little of that obvious enthusiasm and love over in the direction of the Star Wars universe. Judging by the last few films, it could use the attention.

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