I don't know how many DVD discs I own whose extra features I haven't fully explored yet, but suffice it to say that there are hours and hours worth of deleted scenes, storyboards and interviews that I'll never get a chance to watch. The Lord of the Rings trilogy alone holds about 1,945 hours worth of extras that I will never have the time to check out. If I was a Ringer, I would have already delved deep into them, but the truth is that there just aren't enough hours in the day.

On top of all this we're getting director's commentary on sketchbooks ... sketchbooks! Now, it would be a lot harder to find this absurd if it wasn't completely amazing. Guillermo del Toro offered Cinematical a sneak peek into his notebooks for Pan's Labyrinth, but the website goes even more in-depth. It offers up 12 pages from del Toro's personal sketchbook, including commentaries, page views and a dose of creativity that will have you heading to the art supply store to purchase your own notebook. I'm serious about that because I just ran out and bought a new moleskin notebook in the hopes that it will ignite some of the smoldering remnants of my creative impulse here at year's end. His commentary on the sketchbook pages is extremely insightful and personal, and has me even more excited for this film.

There is even a Sketchbook Contest that allows users to upload their own creations which will be judged by del Toro. The winning entries will receive a signed Pan's Labyrinth poster and be featured on the DVD. The film opens on December 29, and looks to be something like Amelie crossed with Jim Henson's Labyrinth. I can't wait for it -- what about you?
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