With another example of blogs making their way toward the big screen, writer-producer-director Marshall Herskovitz has signed on to helm the indie flick Quarterlife, so says Production Weekly. The title is pulled from the fictional blog the main character writes in which she talks about her life, her friends and the apparent "quarter-life crisis" she's suffering through.

However, when her friends discover that she's writing the blog and talking about them ... they all band together and come up with 97 different ways to kill her. (Okay, we don't know if that's actually how the whole thing will go down, but it sounded a lot better than, "they all start their own blogs and nothing interesting happens after that.") Herskovitz (who is also President of the Producers Guild of America) penned the script, and will begin production on the film sometime next month. From there, it appears Quarterlife will not be released in theaters, but instead in serial form online -- an interesting move and one we should definitely keep an eye on. (I imagine they will also try to market the film by creating a fictional blog that mirrors the actual blog in the pic -- at least that's what I would do.)

This material should be familiar to Herskovitz, as the man spent a whole bunch of time writing, producing and directing episodes of the show thirtysomething back in the day. In fact, Quarterlife was originally pitched as a TV show two years ago, but apparently it wasn't picked up. If you want my opinion, expect the cast to be full of unknowns and, if they're smart, they'll use the blogging world to their advantage.

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