Nope, she's not going away quietly. Lisa Marie, the former model and long-time girlfriend of director Tim Burton who was thrown over when Burton met Helena Bonham Carter on the set of Planet of the Apes, has filed suit against Burton in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. What fraud did Burton commit? According to the suit, it's that he once told Marie he would "support her for the rest of her life." Turns out he's forgotten about that, what with the career and the getting on with his life and the making Borat into a singing barber and what-not. Marie, who was most memorable as the voluptuous Vampira in Ed Wood and as the Martian scout in Mars Attacks!, is also claiming that poor legal advice led to her signing certain papers with Burton that "deprived her of her rights" -- presumably her rights to the very monies she is so adamantly seeking now.

The lawsuit asks for a scuttling of all contracts between the former lovebirds, as well as an unspecified amount of dough. This is not the first post-break-up outburst from Marie, whose anti-Hollywood screeds in the press have earned her a toxic reputation in Tinseltown and prevented her from racking up a single film credit in the five years since the split. Early last year she prompted a minor media stir by holding a 'psychic cleansing' public garage sale, in which she divested herself of all Burton-related belongings, including movie props such as a chaise lounge used in Ed Wood.

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