There have been plenty of wacky ideas over the years on how to promote a movie. Going way back to David O Selznick's search for Scarlett O'Hara to Kevin Smith offering title credits for fans on his MySpace page; movie makers will try anything to drum up a little excitement for a new release.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Sony is offering Ultra Sonic ring tones in connection with the release of The Messengers. So what's an ultrasonic ring tone? It is a ring tone that is only audible to people under the age of 25. The theory being that as you age your hearing deteriorates, so certain frequencies go undetected, so if you only use those frequencies only teens can usually hear it. The ring tone is available on the official site but you are going to have to cough up $2.49. The ring tone works as a tie-in with the plot of the film, that focuses on a teen girl experiencing supernatural phenomena that no one else can see or hear.

This isn't the only idea that the marketing department came up with for the film. Some of Sony's upcoming campaigns include a 1-800 number, a blog, instant messaging, and a profile of the lead character on social networking sites. So what does all this marketing mean for the movie? Either Sony is just trying to support a new release, or they are starting to get a little desperate for attention.

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