Say whatever you want about video game-to-movie adaptations but some of them actually do make money. Sure, there are also some impressive duds like Doom or Wing Commander, but there are also some adaptations such as Resident Evil, with the third movie of the franchise currently in production, that are very successful. In fact, Resident Evil is the second most successful franchise ever for Sony Pictures -- behind only Spider-Man and its sequel. So, it should come as no surprise that Capcom, publisher of the Resident Evil video games, is looking at its licensing partner Sony and thinking: "Hey, how can we make more money from our video games?"

Well, according to a recent article in The Hollywood Reporter, the video game publisher, whose other titles include Devil May Cry, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Onimusha and the super-successful Street Fighter, has figured out what to do -- make their own movies and work even more closely with Hollywood. Capcom's first foray into production, an adaptation of its video game Street Fighter, is currently in production and slated for a 2008 release. In addition to this move, Capcom has also hired a full-time liaison who will work closely with Hollywood and seek to develop as many ways to license, promote and exploit Capcom titles as possible.

According to the article, the company tapped former THQ exec. Germaine Gioia to serve in the newly created post of senior vp licensing in its Los Angeles office. About her new role developing properties and working very closely with Hollywood studios, Giola said: "I think it could be a fairly important and successful combination. Capcom believes that it's something that they are very interested in trying." Well, I'm sold. Whatever comes out of these new partnerships, one thing's for sure -- the Resident Evil films, while not masterpieces, are still fun and a great way to spend ninety minutes. If Capcom and the studios can continue to put out product like those, I, for one, will keep watching. Especially if Jean-Claude Van Damme stays far, far away from any more Street Fighter movies.
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