Yes, 2006 is winding down, so that means pretty much everyone who writes about movies is making lists of their best and worst movies of the year. I like to make lists too but it's often difficult to because I simply don't have enough time to see every movie that comes out. So, I'm sure I miss some really great and some really terrible movies. Consequently, I don't always feel fully qualified to make these types of lists.

Even so, I can go on record with several movies I did like this year and will do so for your reading pleasure. Even though this year was pretty dismal for Hollywood movies there were still a few that made the cut. Fortunately, those outside the mainstream of Hollywood continued to do good work this year and were able to fill in some of the holes in my list left by the major studios.

Not that every film out of the Hollywood machine was total crap -- not at all. It just seems like more often than not, Hollywood doesn't give audiences anything new or particularly innovative but instead, gives audiences the same thing wrapped in shiny new packaging. More explosions, louder music, more CGI and sequel after sequel have become the norm rather than the exception. But as this article is not really about the sad state of affairs in current Hollywood, I will stop my rant before it goes too far.

Instead, getting back to the real purpose of this article, I present my picks of the top ten movies of the year -- with one caveat. This list is made up of movies I've actually seen so I'm sure one or two great films have slipped through the cracks and don't appear here. Still, try to enjoy the list anyway and happy new year. Oh, one more thing -- the list isn't in any particular order either. Ok, that's it. Enjoy.